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Audco Swing Check Valve

Audco Swing Type Check Valve.

Audco Swing Check Valve is a type of check valve designed to allow fluid to flow in only one direction. The swing check valve gets its name from the swinging disc inside the valve, which pivots on a hinge or trunnion. This disc swings open to allow flow in the forward direction and swings closed to prevent backflow.

Here are some key features and characteristics of Audco Swing Check Valves:

  1. Design: The valve typically has a disc (flapper) that swings on a hinge or pivot. When the flow of fluid is in the forward direction, the disc opens, allowing the fluid to pass through. When there is a reverse flow or backflow, the disc swings shut, preventing the fluid from flowing backward.
  2. Hinge Mechanism: The hinge or trunnion is a critical component in the swing check valve, as it allows the disc to move freely and efficiently.
  3. Body Types: Audco Swing Check Valves are available in various body types, including bolted cover, pressure seal, and other designs. The selection of the body type depends on factors such as pressure, temperature, and application requirements.
  4. Material: These valves are typically constructed from materials that provide corrosion resistance and durability, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or other alloys, depending on the specific application.
  5. End Connections: Audco Swing Check Valves come with different end connection options, including flanged, butt-weld, and socket-weld connections, making them suitable for various piping systems.
  6. Applications: They are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, and power generation to prevent reverse flow in pipelines.
  7. Size Range: Audco Swing Check Valves are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different flow rates and pipe diameters.

It’s important to note that the specifications and features of Audco Swing Check Valves may vary based on the specific model and series. When selecting a valve for a particular application, it’s crucial to consider factors such as pressure ratings, temperature requirements, and compatibility with the fluid being handled. Always refer to the manufacturer’s documentation and guidelines for accurate and detailed information on a specific Audco Swing Check Valve model.