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L&T 1PC Design Ball Valve Flanged

The description “L&T 1PC Design Ball Valve Flanged” refers to a ball valve manufactured by Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Let’s break down the key elements of this description:

  1. 1PC Design: “1PC” stands for one-piece design. In a one-piece ball valve, the body is typically manufactured as a single piece, providing a compact and integral structure. One-piece ball valves are often used in applications where space is a concern, and a compact design is advantageous.

  2. Ball Valve: A ball valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that uses a hollow, pivoting ball to control the flow of fluid. When the valve is open, the ball’s bore aligns with the pipeline, allowing fluid to flow through. When the valve is closed, the ball is rotated to block the flow.

  3. Flanged: This indicates the type of end connections on the valve. Flanged ends have a flange that can be bolted to matching flanges on pipes or other components, providing a secure and sealed connection. Flanged connections are common in industrial applications, and they simplify the installation and maintenance of the valve.

So, an “L&T 1PC Design Ball Valve Flanged” is a one-piece ball valve manufactured by L&T, with flanged end connections. This type of valve design is often used in industrial settings where a sturdy and compact construction, as well as a secure flanged connection, is required.

For specific details about the pressure ratings, materials of construction, sizes available, and other technical specifications, it is recommended to refer to the official product documentation provided by L&T. Manufacturers typically provide comprehensive information to assist customers in selecting the right valve for their specific applications.