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L&T Slim Seal Butterfly Valve Lever Operated

The description “L&T Slim Seal Butterfly Valve Lever Operated” refers to a specific type of butterfly valve manufactured by Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Let’s break down the key elements of this description:

  1. Slim Seal: “Slim Seal” is likely a brand or model name used by L&T for a particular line of butterfly valves. The term may suggest a design that is more streamlined or space-efficient compared to traditional butterfly valve designs.

  2. Butterfly Valve: A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve that is used to control the flow of a fluid. The valve’s disk, which is mounted on a spindle, is positioned in the center of the pipe. When the valve is fully open, the disk is rotated parallel to the flow direction, allowing unrestricted flow. When the valve is closed, the disk is turned perpendicular to the flow direction, blocking the flow.

  3. Lever Operated: This indicates the mode of operation for the butterfly valve. In a lever-operated butterfly valve, a lever is used to manually rotate the valve disk and control the flow. Lever-operated valves are commonly used for applications where manual operation is feasible and necessary.

So, an “L&T Slim Seal Butterfly Valve Lever Operated” is a butterfly valve from L&T’s Slim Seal series, and it is operated using a lever mechanism. The term “Slim Seal” suggests that this valve may have a more compact or streamlined design compared to other butterfly valves.

For specific technical details, such as size range, pressure ratings, materials of construction, and other specifications, it is recommended to refer to the official product documentation provided by L&T or contact their customer support. Manufacturers typically provide comprehensive information to help customers select the right valve for their specific applications.