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Products L&T Butterfly Valve

Product Details

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass/Bronze
  • Media: Air, Water, Gas, Fuel, Powder/Solids
  • Power: Manual, Hydraullic Temperature of Media High Temperature, Low Temperature, Medium Temperature, Normal Temperature
  • Size: 15mm to 600mm
  • L&T Aquaseal Integrally-moulded Butterfly Valve is available in various sizes from in PN 10 pressure rating.
  • The valve was developed to provide reliable sealing in water and air lines, and is today the industry benchmark.
  • The most striking feature of Aquaseal Butterfly Valve is its integrally-moulded body liner.
  • Robust Design, Longer life
  • Tight Sealing, and Consistent Low Torque
  • Assured Shaft Sealing
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Lower Torque, Disc design
  • Reliable Drive
  • Brand: L&T Valves

Product Specification

  • Material Type: Body- SG Iron, Stem-SS 410, Disc- SS (CF8) body liner- Black Nitrile. Lever operated
  • Pkg Qty: 1
  • Item Weight: Flow Control Lever- Wafer: 4 kg, Lugged: 5 kg, Standard Gear Unit- Wafer: 11.5 kg, Lugged: 12.5 kg,Flow Control Lever- Wafer: 48.5 kg, Lugged: 68 kg, Standard Gear Unit- Wafer: 50 kg, Lugged:69.5 kg,Flow Control Lever- Wafer: 36 kg, Lugged: 48.5 kg, Standard Gear Unit- Wafer: 37.5 kg, Lugged:50 kg,Flow Control Lever- Wafer: 27 kg, Lugged: 36.5 kg, Standard Gear Unit- Wafer: 28.5 kg, Lugged:38 kg,Flow Control Lever- Wafer: 12.5 kg, Lugged: 18.5 kg, Standard Gear Unit- Wafer: 20.5 kg, Lugged:26.5 kg,Flow Control Lever- Wafer: 11 kg, Lugged: 15 kg, Standard Gear Unit- Wafer: 18.5 kg, Lugged: 22.5 kg,Flow Control Lever- Wafer: 7.5 kg, Lugged: 11 kg, Standard Gear Unit- Wafer: 15.5 kg, Lugged: 18.5 kg,Flow Control Lever- Wafer: 5.5 kg, Lugged: 9 kg, Standard Gear Unit- Wafer: 13.5 kg, Lugged: 16.5 kg,Flow Control Lever- Wafer: 5 kg, Lugged: 7 kg, Standard Gear Unit- Wafer: 12.5 kg, Lugged: 14.5 kg
  • Product Type: Butterfly Valves
  • Specifications: Class 150 rating

Additional Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece