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Compact Module Two Orifice Float Trap CMTOFT

“Compact Module Two Orifice Float Trap (CMTOFT).” However, based on the description, it likely refers to a type of steam trap used in steam systems for the removal of condensate and non-condensable gases.

Here are some general features and principles that could be associated with a “Compact Module Two Orifice Float Trap”:

  1. Two Orifice Design: Similar to the standard Two Orifice Float Trap (TOFT), the “Compact Module” variant may feature two orifices—one for condensate discharge and another for the removal of air and non-condensable gases.

  2. Float Mechanism: The trap likely incorporates a float mechanism, such as a ball float, which responds to the level of condensate in the trap. As condensate accumulates, the float rises, opening the orifices for efficient discharge.

  3. Continuous Operation: Float traps generally operate continuously, ensuring the prompt removal of condensate as it is formed in the steam system.

  4. Compact Design: The term “Compact Module” suggests a design that is space-efficient and possibly integrated into a single, compact unit.

  5. Application Versatility: The trap may be suitable for various applications where the efficient removal of condensate and air is essential.

  6. Low Maintenance: Float traps are known for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Routine inspection and testing are recommended to ensure optimal performance.

For accurate and detailed information about the Compact Module Two Orifice Float Trap (CMTOFT), it is recommended to refer to the official documentation provided by the manufacturer. Manufacturers typically provide comprehensive product specifications, installation guidelines, and maintenance instructions for their steam traps. If CMTOFT is a proprietary product or a specific model from a particular manufacturer, reaching out to the manufacturer directly or checking their official website would be the best way to obtain the most up-to-date information