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Audco Gate Valve

Audco Gate Valves are a type of industrial valve designed to control the flow of fluids within a pipeline. These valves use a sliding gate or wedge mechanism to either block or allow the flow of the fluid. The gate is usually perpendicular to the direction of the fluid flow. Here are some key features and characteristics associated with Audco Gate Valves:

  1. Gate Design: Audco Gate Valves typically employ a parallel or wedge-shaped gate that moves up and down to control the flow. When the gate is lifted, it allows fluid to pass through, and when lowered, it blocks the flow.

  2. Construction Material: These valves are often constructed from materials such as cast or forged steel, stainless steel, or other alloys. The choice of material depends on factors such as the type of fluid, pressure, and temperature conditions.

  3. End Connections: Audco Gate Valves are available with various end connection options, including flanged, butt-weld, and socket-weld connections. The selection of end connections depends on the requirements of the piping system.

  4. Pressure Ratings: Gate valves are designed to handle a range of pressure ratings. Common pressure classes include Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500, indicating the maximum pressure the valve can withstand.

  5. Size Range: These valves come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters and flow rates. The size of the valve is usually specified in inches.

  6. Rising vs. Non-Rising Stem: Audco Gate Valves may have either a rising stem or a non-rising stem. In a rising stem design, the stem moves up and down with the gate, providing a visual indication of the valve position. In a non-rising stem design, the stem is threaded into the gate, and its position remains fixed as the gate moves.

  7. Application: Gate valves are suitable for a wide range of applications, including isolation and on/off control of fluid flow. They are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, water treatment, and more.

  8. API Standards: Depending on the specific model, Audco Gate Valves may comply with relevant industry standards, such as those set by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

It’s important to note that Audco, as a brand, may offer various series or models of gate valves with different specifications and features. When selecting a valve for a particular application, it’s crucial to consider factors such as pressure, temperature, and the nature of the fluid being handled. Always refer to the manufacturer’s documentation and guidelines for accurate information on a specific Audco Gate Valve model.