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Spirax Marshall Air Vent BPT21 / AV21

Spirax Sarco Air Vent BPT21 or AV21. However, it seems to refer to an air vent product manufactured by Spirax Sarco, a well-known company in the steam and fluid control industry.

Here are some general features and characteristics associated with air vents in steam systems:

  1. Air Removal: Air vents, also known as air eliminators or automatic air vents, are designed to remove trapped air or non-condensable gases from steam systems.

  2. Automatic Operation: Air vents operate automatically, releasing air when present and closing when steam is detected. This ensures the efficient removal of air without manual intervention.

  3. Prevention of Air Binding: Trapped air in a steam system can lead to issues such as reduced heat transfer efficiency, water hammer, and air binding of equipment. Air vents help prevent these problems.

  4. Compact Design: Air vents are often designed to be compact, making them easy to install and integrate into steam systems.

  5. Durable Construction: These devices are typically constructed from materials suitable for steam applications, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

  6. Different Models: Manufacturers may offer various models of air vents to suit different applications and system requirements.

  7. Pressure and Temperature Ratings: Air vents are designed to operate within specific pressure and temperature ranges common in steam systems.

For accurate and detailed information about the Spirax Sarco Air Vent BPT21 or AV21, including specific technical specifications, installation guidelines, and maintenance instructions, it is recommended to refer to Spirax Sarco’s official documentation, product catalogs, or contact their customer support directly. Manufacturers typically provide comprehensive information to assist users in selecting, installing, and maintaining their steam system components