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Forbes Marshall Piston Valves are the best technical fit to cater to a variety of fluid isolation applications in the industrial sector. They find application 

The Forbes Marshall Two Orifice Float Trap, TOFT, has SG iron cover and base with stainless steel internals, optional steam lock release (SLR) and automatic air load conditions. 

The Forbes Marshall Two Orifice Float Trap (Patented) is designed to handle high discharge capacity at startup and peak condensate loads. Its

Forbes Marshall Single Orifice Float Trap is a single orifice condensate drain trap and the first choice for process applications. The compact construction of these float traps combined

The Forbes Marshall view glass is a simple yet novel product that enables visualizing the flow of steam, water or oil, inside pipelines. The visualization.

PRV70/ PRV90 Full Lift Safety Relief Valve is a high-performance valve designed predominantly for liquid thermal expansion service. It can also be


SteaMon™ is a sophisticated vortex type flowmeter from Forbes Marshall, with integrated temperature compensation in a 2-wire technology.This temperature and density

Wet steam can lead to problems like water hammer and corrosion which in turn can damage costly equipment like flowmeters, control valves.

Safety Relief Valves

The Forbes Marshall angle pattern spring-loaded safety valve is manufactured to the highest level of quality control and is the ideal.

Steam Operated Pump Trap SOPT

The Forbes Marshall Steam Operated Pump Trap is an innovative product capable of working in either trapping or pumping modes.

In normal Pressure control system, it is needed to have pressure transmitter followed by secondary controller or control system.

Quick Closing Non Return Valve

Quick closing non-return valves are installed on the turbine extraction pipelines that supply steam to the primary-secondary heater.

Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating Valves

The combined Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating System provides better pressure and temperature control, improves noise abatement


A complete range of pressure reducing solutions to deliver the right steam pressure that your process needs. These are fully integrated engineered solutions with direct acting, pilot operated and PID con

Forbes Marshall Piston Actuated Valve FMPAV

The Forbes Marshall Piston Actuated Valve, FMPAV, is a 2-port pneumatically actuated on/off valve. It has a PTFE soft seal which provides a tight shut-off. It 

Steam Meter FLOWIRL™ 8400

FLOWIRL 8400’s optional pressure sensor provides for an integrated density compensation which provides exact measurement of gases and superheated steam even in 


Forbes Marshall MeasureTrol is a pressure reducing valve that uses intelligent pressure control features to enhance your steam applications. It eliminates

Forbes Marshall Liquid Drain Trap FMLDT

The Forbes Marshall Liquid Drain Trap is a condensate drain trap ideal for removing condensate from 

Lift Check Valve

The Forbes Marshall lift check valve incorporates state of the art technology in a simple and easy to operate and maintain design. It is a spring-loaded 

Tracer Line Trap FMTLT

Instrument tracer line traps are high-quality balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps designed and manufactured by Forbes 

Forbes Marshall Thermodynamic steam traps are the most widely used and best suited for mainline trapping applications. They ensure 

The Forbes Marshall Safety Relief Valve FMSRV is a high lift safety valve with gun metal seat, valve and brass internals suitable for use on 

A rightly selected strainer helps protect expensive and critical downstream equipment. Forbes Marshall offers a wide range of strainers suited to different processes across industries.

Steam boilers are usually designed to work at high pressures. Working them at lower pressures can result in carryover of water.

Steam Pressure Reducing Stations FMPRS

The Forbes Marshall pressure reducing station is an engineered and factory assembled unit. It is designed in line with good steam engineering.

Forbes Marshall ARCA Series 200 three-way valves are standard globe design three-way valves with a pneumatic or electric actuator with customisable extensions for a wide range.


Forbes Marshall Bucket Trap FMBT

Forbes Marshall Bucket Traps are an ideal solution for high pressure condensate recovery. It is designed to fit into horizontal pipelines. It is maintainable in line and is.


Forbes Marshall Air Eliminator FMAE

The Forbes Marshall Air Eliminator is a float type air vent for liquid systems. Presence of air and other non-condensable gases in liquid lines can result in a number of problems.
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Disc Check Valves (Spring Loaded) FMDCV

The Forbes Marshall spring loaded disc check valve is of wafer pattern designed to be sandwiched between flanges and are compatible with both PN and ANSI 

Clean Steam Safety Valve CSSV

The Forbes Marshall Clean Steam Safety Valve is an angle pattern sanitary safety relief valve with stainless steel construction suitable for high purity steam, gas and liquid 

Clean Steam Pressure Reducing Valve CSPRV

The Forbes Marshall Clean Steam Pressure Reducing Valve, CSPRV, is an angle pattern self-draining, 316 type stainless steel, sanitary pressure regulating valve

Compact Module Thermodynamic Steam Trap CMTD

The Forbes Marshall compact module is formed by connecting the universal connector thermodynamic steam trap to a pipeline connector. As the name

Bimetallic Thermostatic Steam Trap FMBM

The Forbes Marshall Bimetallic Steam Trap is a thermostatic trap designed to drain high pressure and high temperature steam lines. These traps are

Air Vents for Steam Systems FMAV

The Forbes Marshall Air Vent is a balanced pressure thermostatic type of steam trap ideal for air venting applications. Presence of air in the steam system leads to many problems like.

Three way valves

Forbes Marshall ARCA Series 200 three way valves are standard globe design three way valves with pneumatic or electric actuator with customisable extensions for a wide range of applications. The body is

Angle Type PRDS

Customised combined angle type pressure reducing and desuperheating stations suitable for high-pressure turbine bypass and HP / LP bypass applications. These can be made in various.